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All Good Things Must Come To An End

And the shitty stuff, too. Final poisoning, Enthusiasts.


  1. Dawn Judd

    bravo! good job, and all that.

  2. orphic

    We wish you all the best with this nasty treatment, and really hope it worked! Good luck!!

  3. HotDogKnight

    Holy crap I thought this site was going away. Congrats on the final time!

  4. David Gans

    I hope your outcome is as good as my wife’s! We are 17 years out. Her oncologist used the word “cured.”

    “What does ‘cured’ mean?” I asked.

    “You die from something else.”

  5. hcm

    Wishing you peace, sending love, and hoping the shitty stuff did its job!

  6. Matt Orlowski

    Thank Buddha/Allah/Jesus for the poison…and weed…can’t forget that. Hope it all ends up doing its job appropriately and effectively.

  7. MJK

    gut getan, and zol zayn mit mazl

  8. JES

    Wow, that is a lot to get through, especially presuming that your poisoning experience has been very similar to Alice’s . . .

    Seriously, you get some major Tough Mofo Gold Stars for what you’ve been through. Glad this phase is over, and hope the poisonings prove to be spot-on successful in all the ways they need to be!

  9. ritchie

    mazel tov

  10. FormerlyNoThoughts

    Remember to check back here, please, b/c we’ll be sending out good vibes your way.

  11. is it about my cube

    W00t w00t! Yay for final poisonings, sending the best of best vibes!

  12. Mena, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    ..’cause I’m so glad you made it… (from some song?).

  13. Debbie Paschen

    Oh, may all good regenerate in Your body and mind.

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