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All Your Reggae Are Belong To Axl

And now, Enthusiasts: Thoughts on the Dead presents Axl Rose Demands Reggae.

This has been Axl Rose Demands Reggae.


  1. I suppose it’s a sign of age that I get my meme introductions from a Grateful Dead blog. Or is it a dick blog? Either way, this is fantastic. As cringeworthy and inauthentic as Tommy Lee’s “What, Vince, where!?” and that shit still makes me giggle like a ten year old when I hear it.

    Thinking through that paragraph, I realize that the Dead could be a little stuffy in their own way, or at least overearnest sometimes. Except for those times around ’78 with the mescaline and the Jerry windmills and the what-have-you… that was rock ‘n roll. And when Jerry busted out La Bamba. And Frozen Logger. And all of the 60s. And every Bertha ever. Shit, nevermind.

    • 1. The Spoken Word segments of Motley Crue tunes (and there were a couple of them) were up there with Elvis’ slurred, confused come-ons in the middle of Are You Lonesome Tonight in terms of beauty and ribaldry.

      2. If you listen to it, it’s actuallt a good beat.

      • I may require citations.

        Agree with you, though – that’s better reggae than I’d expect from any hair metal band. Maybe more Pietasters than Marley, but solid.

        Better than that GD attempt at Stir it Up, but in fairness no GNR lineup included Mickey “Light Touch and Tasteful Restraint” Hart.

        • Dude, don;t mean to be Arumentative Annie over here, but Mickey was the King of Subtle-vania compared to Matt Fucking Sorum!

          All Matt Sorum did was hit his many drums as hard as he could, and cocaine.

          • No worries – I’m not sufficiently immersed in that scene to argue for or against the guy. You’re probably right.

            My brain assumed its usual pessimistic stance about Mickey. What he added was totally appropriate much of the time, but he could also be a Destroyer of Swing which I think is a bitch since Billy swung (heh) so well. [Wheel, Big River, …] just doesn’t call for you to slam out whole notes on that African whateverthefuck. Go have a smoke and come back for Morning Dew.

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