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Another Case Of Disaster Narrowly Averted


All of you, every single one of you, need to thank the great and tall and dignified Chris Jennings (whose award-winning* book Paradise Now can be purchased via clicking the link in the sidebar) for talking me out of buying this. I would have inflicted it on you; it would have been days out of all of our busy schedules.

And it’s not a short book, either: it’s the same length as Chris’ book, which covers hundreds of years and hops from the Old World to the New. Destroyer has nine songs on it, and only five or six are any good. One of the tunes is called Great Expectations, and it is about Great Expectations. It’s the best record KISS ever made, and you can take that statement exactly how I meant it.

So: thank Chris.

Also: look at those hands. Very powerful. Large. Not small.

*Chris Jennings has won the prestigious Best Writer in the Entire World Award in a ceremony held in my kitchen a week or so ago.


  1. Sorry….congratulations Chris.

  2. I saw Kiss at Winterland on, I believe January 31, 1975. Kiss were popular in the East and maybe the Midwest, but nobody out West. So they played the Tuesday night “audition night.” Tickets were two bucks. Even in 1975, that was peanuts. Still, they got to headline Winterland. They did their whole breathing fire–big tongue-dry ice-Rock And Roll All Night schtick to about 2000 indifferent SF hippies.

    Saying they were “bad” is a slap to any of the bad bands I saw opening shows in the 1970s. Remember–to Kiss’ audience, “Christine Sixteen” was a song about an older woman.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    March 11, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    always up for a KISS onslaught. heard many over the years. the best was from Flipper (aka The Hermit) who lived in a packing crate in the woods behind the Yummy Donuts. over an Orange Crush (fountain) and Cruller.

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