Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Back In The Pokey

Already used eight of my lives.

Also: This is the single gayest thing ever filmed, and I am including actual homosexual pornographies..

Generally, one does not place the butt of a rifle against one’s party-area. This is because of physics. Equal and opposite reaction and all that. But that’s not what puts this over the top. (And Chuck Connors is most certainly a Top.) It’s the look he gives the audience: He’s sharing a secret with them. It’s barely subtextual, but it MUST have been unintentional because Sam Peckinpah directed this, and Sam Peckinpah was so straight that he got married, like, seven times–thrice to the same woman–and got howling drunk and shot at mirrors a lot. That is some hetero bullshit right there.

Anyway: hospital plus random camp. Make of it what you will.


  1. Dawn Judd

    we missed you!

  2. Dawn Judd

    it’s also the LENGTH of the look. homoerotic subtext like crazy!

  3. JES

    Hope they spring you soon. And that until then, they provide you with all of the Peckinpah or assorted other weirdness that your heart could ever desire. Lordy Lordy Sweet Lordy, to consider the pokey experience in pre-Internet and pre-Cable Television days . . . (not that it’s a picnic today, I know, so sorry for you being there) . . .

  4. Smoke

    So I was starting to worry about not hearing from you and, of course, it was just what I was thinking. Anyway, glad to hear from you. Is it weird that I feel better about how you’re doing despite your being inside?

    All the best vibes.

  5. FormerlyNoThoughts

    Always a hoot, even when the news isn’t great. Sending as much woo-woo your way as I’ve got.

  6. MJK

    There is a clip of Bobby running down a hallway in a hotel somewhere on tour in the mid/late 80s that would give this clip a run for it’s money. Filmed when Justin would drive everybody crazy and follow them around all day with his cam-corder. But I digress.

  7. is it about my cube

    Wow, that clip is. . .something.

    Sorry to hear you’re back in. Sending all the best vibes to Fillmore South!

  8. Luther Von Baconson

    The best vibramentations, TotDner. It’s a shitty frikken deal

    What do you do when you’re branded, and you know there’s some cake

  9. Greg

    you found my afternoon nap show! sorry, didn’t know it was gay just weird… ps Git hell out of there please!!!
    sending all the love

  10. JES

    If you’re in need of some choice tunes for Pokey Time listening, I am most enjoying the new Alice Cooper album . . .

  11. Bingosbrother

    Party area

  12. MJK

    Get well TOtD, you funny bastard.

  13. Spyguy

    Glad to see you back. Semi-fictionality is something we all need more of these days.

  14. MJK

    Drives me nuts when people refer to Garcia as “the fat man”. I just read a comment somewhere and he was referred to as “phat man”. Stop the nonsense people, just stop. And that goes for “Jer Bear, Papa Bear” and all that other nonsense. Just stop

    • Dawn Judd


  15. Carlos

    Hi totd, in case you haven’t seen this. It’s quite good.
    Take care & peace and love
    Ry cooder live 1977 grey whistle test bbc

    • MJK

      Worth the price alone for the male back up singers. The only performer I can think of with this band arrangement, with the exception of the hillbilly from Mississippi, ( the Killer called him that, I’m just repeating. I love em. But he had the female back ups as well as the males.)

  16. JES

    Didja get to make it through your All-KISS, All-The-Time playlist before (and during) current stay in the pokey?

    I’ve not been able to stop spinning them since reading the Trick-KISS-Starz-‘Smith book, which, because I am me, resulted in this . . .

    Hope you’re comfortable and doin’ okay and gettin’ all the best care possible from Medicine and Nurses and Las Drogas. Most especially from Las Drogas. Mmmm . . . yeah . . . there it is . . .

  17. Spyguy

    I miss you man. Come back.

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