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Films I Would Rather Watch Than Zack Snyder’s Justice League

  • Snuff film starring Tom Hanks as the snuffer or the snuffee.
  • Robocop with a guy who, every time Robocop comes on the screen, leans over and whispers, “That’s Robocop.”
  • The sequel to 1970’s Joe: Joe Rogan.
  • Two hours of seizure-inducing strobe effects.
  • Steve Buscemi fingering his non-showered butthole in 4K.
  • Birds being eaten alive by really mean fish.
  • Balls! starring Paul Scheer’s head as the left ball.
  • Anything with James Cordon.
  • Ruby Rose and Gina Carano doing Shakespeare.
  • Surveillance footage of a 9/11-themed rape.
  • Bloodsport with Donald Trump who keeps fast-forwarding so he can watch the bloodsports.


  1. J. Eric Smith

    I’m with you there. But, then, I feel that way about all superhero movies.

    Speaking of flix, you ever see “Under the Silver Lake”? Given your fondness for “Southland Tales” and your LA history, I think you’d dig it, if you need some fresh weird.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Why would this be marked as SPAM? I need to have a talk with my IT guy.

      I saw UTSL in a triple-bill with Southland Tales and Inherent Vice. Kinda hated it. Pointless, plus I stopped caring the second that Spider-Man revealed in the bathtub that he was a crazy person.

      • JES

        I was wondering why I’d been sent to Attica too. Oh well in re UTSL . . . Guess I am glad you disliked it before you watched it on my recommendation!

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