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Frankie Says Relax; Bobby Says Vote

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“Public service announcing. Everybody’s gotta vote this time ’round. Men, women, white, black, foreigners, babies…everybody.”

Foreigners and babies can’t vote.

“Inequality everywhere you look.”

Have you always voted?

“Oh, yeah. I believe in exercising my body and my franchise.”

What was your first Presidential election?

“That would be, uh, 1972. They had just lowered the voting age, so that was the first time I pulled the big lever of democracy.”



Y’voted for Nixon, didn’t you?

“McGovern was a naif.”


“And, uh, Nixon had a plan to get us out of Vietnam. I don’t remember if he ever shared that plan, but he said he had one.”

Okay. What about this go-round?

“Well, as you know: It’s a secret ballot. You close that curtain behind you and it’s just you and Sweet Momma America.”

That’s true.

“But, uh, between you and me and Mount Tamalpais: I’m going for the guy who hasn’t killed 200,000 people.”

Good call.

“There’s been elections where I was up in the air until November, but not this time.”

Easy choice to make.

“Everybody’s gotta get their vote in, because this motherfucker’ll be the death of us.

That’s some good public service, Bobby.

“You betcha.”


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    Get yourself a Bixby on that Frangelico git-twanger, Bobby

  2. Steve Oberhauser

    Why does he have a healthy orange glow, kinda like he who shall not be named?

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