Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

God Help All Of Us…

…but I’m getting into Neil Young.

(Although I didn’t need to “get into” Freedom. I played the shit out of this record in high school. Hell, my band–A Bunch Of Guys From France–even covered Rockin’ In The Free World, but that may have been due to how few chords were in the song.)


  1. Dawn Judd

    but you’re not from france!?

  2. JES

    I’m a bit older . . . . so my high school band covered “Rust Never Sleeps” Neil, which we all played to death, along with “Live Rust.” Also covered “Cinnamon Girl,” the song that taught me DADGBD. I loved me that tuning something fierce.

    But my alltime fave Neil album, the one that I play the most these days, by a longshot, is “re-ac-tor.” A stone cold under-appreciated masterpiece, soup to nuts. My life changed for the better when I heard “T-Bone” in a record store in Jacksonville, NC, when it was fresh and new . . . .

    • is it about my cube

      I don’t consider re-ac-tor a masterpiece, but I do like it. Neil decided he wanted to make a big dumb arena rock record, and he made a seriously entertaining one–which is exactly what big dumb arena rock should be.

  3. is it about my cube

    Come to the dark side. We have cookies.

  4. Luther Von Baconson


  5. Dawn Judd

    cinnamon girl! i forgot.

  6. La Honda Harry

    And you’re sure you don’t even like Tonight’s the Night and On The Beach? Come on, just a little bit? That Rust era stuff was the perfect gateway Neil for any fourteen year old, for sure. Loved it, played it til the Maxell was maxed out…

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