Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Gotta Have A Plan

Gonna get me a Cadillac car. With velour seats and a full-size spare tire. Have a old friend of mine do the test drive, make sure it runs nice and smooth. Gonna hide a .38 under the front seat and point that giant hood West and drive all the way across America until I run out of highway. I ain’t young, but I can still Go West.

And drink and dance with one hand free.


  1. SmokingLeather

    The first comment on the video on YouTube is “I wouldn’t mind if they played this one at my funeral.”
    Not a coincidence that cancer would take your brain into such places, but please try not to dwell there.

  2. saladman8283

    Also listen to Boom Boom Mancini. If you can’t take the punches, It don’t mean a thing. You’ve got a ton of people in your corner and you’ll come out swinging.

  3. MJK

    my recommendation for TOtD today is Little Feat, Ultrasonic studios 1974. (studio was on L.I., where I believe young totd grew up, or was it north Jersey?)

  4. JES

    The driving across the big empty West felt really, really good over last month . . . while I know we were whizzing through States where unmasked racist creeps would be happy to hector us about freedoms and liberties live, they were so few and far between in such sparsely-populated hinterlands that it was easy to pretend they didn’t exist. When you make pit stops, be sure to hurl yourself against the wall. Warren sez so.

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