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One From the Vault may be the best show the Grateful Dead ever played, or it may just be my favorite show, or it may just be the show I’ve listened to the most.

I’ve started this post fourteen times, trying each time to figure out what there was to really say about this show; I failed every time; it is magic and here it is.


  1. I think I told you this already, but I’ll never forget the time last year when my dad realized I was getting into the Dead and he handed me his copy of this on CD. It was so thoughtful and I fell in love with it immediately.

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  3. occidentalpoppy

    August 13, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    The first time I heard it was on a long night drive – probably a fifth hand cassette, and I’m not going to claim the Nissan to Wherever had a great sound system, but yes the pure magic part came through just fine. From then on one of three shows always in my glove box (the others are 2/15/73 and 5/19/77).

  4. Anyone have stills or video of this show? This venue is very small. Would think they would have graduated to larger venues by 75.

  5. I love how Bill Graham makes them wait during the band intros. They’re clearly chomping at the bit, and he makes them wait until it bubbles over and explodes.

  6. The Intro > Help >

    Chills. Every time. Their best commercially released album/show ever imHo.

  7. If you are a vinyl person, I highly recommend the reissue (unless you can score an original German pressing) of OFTV. High volume through some big quality speakers is a real treat with this one.

  8. This show was a great tape from the radio in 1975, shortly after it was played. So this music has lived in the “collective unconciousness” of the Dead community for a long time.

  9. yeah we had a cassette tape in the 80’s..

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