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Harvey Weinstein Meets The Godchauxes

If I have taught you but one thing, let it be this: There is always a Dead connection.


Harvey got fat, but he was always ugly. Fucker looks like Chuck Wepner having an allergic reaction to shellfish.


Holy shit, Keith can smile.


“Keith, darlin’, you gonna stand in between me an’ that Jewish fella, all right now?”

“Okay. Why?”

“Hush up an’ do what momma says.”



From the Sabres sign behind them, we can assume that this is War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo; this is either ’73 or ’77. I’m going with ’73. What do you think?


  1. Has to be ’73. Keith had definitely stopped smilling by ’77.

    So who’s the other dude?

  2. Looks like Keith is wearing the remnants of his Nudie Suit. Presumably by ’77, he’d set it on fire somehow, so I vote ’73.

  3. I’m guessing the night was young and this is a rare “before” picture of Keith. I’m sure he raged pretty hard after the picture.

  4. If Harvey did so much as look at Donna inappropriately I will personally hunt him down.

  5. Keith may have used the time sheath to read this


    I have a contract between Harvey and Corky, their promotion company, and the city of Buffalo to rend the War Memorial Auditorium for the night of 5/9/77.

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