Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Home Again

No place like it.

(And, yes, I know I’ve posted this video a million times. There’s a simple reason: It’s the greatest video ever made, and Ranveer Singh is a fucking Movie Star. How has Marvel not hired him?)


  1. JES

    Very glad you are home. And very sorry you had to be elsewhere for awhile, ugh.

  2. Marti

    Twas new to me! Hoorah!

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    Thought Neil might’ve snapped you up for Thrasher’s Wheat Blog. 38 comma, lanyard, bennies. Office with couch in the car barn. Keys to the Lionel Layout, “we’ll talk about you possibly changing the train schedules at your next review”

    • Luther Von Baconson

      “When yer done catalogin’ The Power Players, head in to town with Ranger Dave, pick up that St. Lawrence Market Peameal Bacon Shipment at the depot”

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