Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I Won’t Lie

I’m still fucked up over Eddie.


  1. Tor Haxson

    ToTD will get us through times of no Eddie,
    Better than Eddie would get us through times of No ToTD.

  2. michael Debruin

    Back in the 70’s when we’d tape record the radio, Jimmy Fink said “WPLJ rocks Maspeth Queens with Van Halen.” Eruption, You Really Got Me. First time I heard the new sound. I’ll never forget that. Lost the casett a while back though. Feels like the end of an era.

  3. DrillBabyDrill

    Thoughts on Thoughts on the Dead’s Thoughts on Van Halen:

    1. Is he actually playing through 5 full stacks and can that make anything sound better?

    2. Is there a 3/5 compromise contract for bass stacks along with the brown M&M’s?

    3. Is the (unused) gong a drummer’s “stack”?

    4. I want to believe Mike Gordon is the heir to the rock power drill legacy (who cares about Paul Gilbert?). He at least took it to the next level through launch automation:

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