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I’m Playing For Time

First poison day, Enthusiasts. Got me a recliner and a nurse to monitor my vitals. Just gonna sit here and not die.


  1. JES

    May your recliner be comfy, your nurse personable, and your poison poisonous in just the right places and ways. I’ll be thinking about you today. Jimmy knows it’s such a drag to be on your own . . .

  2. Ritchie vanian

    Hang in there, champ.

  3. MJK

    as I’ve said before, your a mensch, TOtD. and I believe a lot of what your about to go through and how you cope and react depends on an individuals character, strength, and determination. and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. all that being said, you have all those attributes and a whole community of freaks pulling for you, but I digress.

  4. tubro

    re-watching breaking bad with my kid. it’s inappropriate and mad violent and stuffy but there are no rules of parenting during pandemic.
    there was a whole story arc where walter white goes thru the poison. it sure does seem to suck, so we’re all pulling for you. there again, after that heisenberg gets better and makes tens of millions of dollars. even gets to shoot some dude in the fucking head.
    good times ahead.
    of course he dies at the end but you know, if the thunder don’t get you….

    you are an asset to the world slightly below ghandi and john lewis but tied with elijah cummings and oprah and way ahead of that overrated eric clapton. we need you. get well.

  5. is it about my cube

    Courage and good vibes, man. All the enjoyment your writing’s given me, I’m gonna put that energy back at you.

    • FormerlyNoThoughts

      Today, being poisoned is all shiny; by next week, you’ll be familiar with teh suck. That’s when I’m going to try my hardest to keep you in my thoughts. Thank you, again.

  6. dawn

    JES said it, and beautifully. i am holding you in the light.

    complain appropriately (which may mean complain a lot) — there are medicines to combat the “side” effects of the poison.

    love, dawn

  7. BingosBrother

    I hope your nurse got sweet boobies and is a sweet sweet woman.

  8. Mean, Green Devil Eating Machine

    You better be keeping that medical diary. And, be pro-active about your treatments. If something don’t feel right, if that needle didn’t go in with less than a ‘just a pinch’, or anything else, you let them know, right away. This is not a time for Brave and Stoic. That is just what the initials mean – BS.

  9. Carlos

    As mjk said ‘there’s a whole community of freaks pulling for you’

  10. Stephen Unwin

    “Happiness is a bored oncologist.”

    I’ve been there. I got through. My oncologist is bored of me now.

    Thanks for your brilliant website.

  11. corry342

    Be nice to the nurses, that’s my advice. You have the whole internet to snark on, but nurses matter.

    • billyray

      Drink a lot of fluids. Dehydration is your enemy. Doctors orders

    • Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

      What Corry says – a smile and a “Thank you.” works wonders with them. And for you. They ARE the hardest working people in the business.

      p.s. Women nurses are better. You can kick my butt up and down the aisle for saying that, but I found that to be true.

  12. NCarolblvd

    Get down and fight like hell TOTD! We’re pulling for you.

  13. chef1lizard

    We are all pulling for you.
    Fight like Hell.

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