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La Revolucion


Brother and Sister-in-Law on the Dead (BotD and SiLotD) have been permitted to leave Cuba and have arrived back in the States. Upon glancing at the phones upon re-acquisition of the American WiFi, they immediately began turning a van into a raft and charting the tides.

(That would be a wonderful Situationist art installation: the Mariel Boatlift, but in reverse, and everyone dressed in tourist drag with fanny packs and New Balance sneakers. Situtationist art is the best kind of art because if you do it right, a war might break out.)

Above is a building in Havana halfway through its first economics class; do not have a conversation with this building.

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  1. Cuban Mountains for Wally, and Blimpy?

    One thing you can say about a lack of elections, is that there is a lack of campaigns.

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