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Life Is Short

Listen to Bobby at ten minutes in to the Dark Star from the 11th of September, 1973, which is so powerful that primitive cultures used it as an abortifacient in olden days. listen to Bobby gently fuck up the universe and then listen to Phil take out his Cosmic Duct Tape and put it back together as Bobby fades back and lets Garcia twine and climb up the ivy of music that Billy is providing.

It’s a more diffuse and air-filled Dark Star than existed in 1972: at times, you could call it peppy, even cheerful.

So, listen to Bobby.

Listen to ’73.

p.s. If you don’t like the Phil solo-transition into Morning Dew, then fuck you. Seriously–and I hate to get this aggressive; you know I’m not a fighter, but still: if the insane bullshit that Phil pulls at the end of Dark Star to seamlessly and miraculously slide into Dew doesn’t give your soul a boner, then fuck you.

I wish it hadn’t come to that, but I feel quite strongly about this.

p.p.s. I am quite aware I have linked to a show not just from september 11th, but from September 11th, 1973, and have made no mention of politics or history; I am not in the mood for murdering dickbags of any stripe this evening.


  1. Life is short and I just wasted my Sunday morning learning about a 40 year ol Chilean coup.

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