Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

No Human Band Would Stack Speakers Like This

My God.


Precarious, I have only one question.

“Is it ‘What the fuck?'”

Yes. Yes, it is.

“I’m not gonna lie to you: We thought it was funny.”

Where did you even get windsocks?

“Those are Brent’s clothes.”


“Yup. Jeans on the left. That’s one of his tee-shirts on the right.”


“I told you: We thought it was funny.”

It’s kinda funny.

“We left his wallet in the pants. He cried a little.”

Hell of an organization.


  1. iggy

    ’85 AMPS looykin lye teh gallows & contemporary grim reaper pncho:

  2. leapyear

    The wind blows away from the stage in every direction? Naturally.

  3. occidentalpoppy

    Dude, if the speakers bother you, you really would not have liked to see tripping dancing dudes up on the rocks, because oh, yes, they were.

  4. Tor Haxson

    I was there in 84 and 85, I do not remember being in awe of the speakers, because frankly I was in awe of everything.

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