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No Human Being Would Stack Books Like This


“Still here.”

Did it have to look so janky?

“Didn’t have to, nah. But it was easiest.”

The lights look like they have a disease.

“There was a bug going around that tour.”

What’s with the misfit monitor?

“The wood one pointed at Keith?”


“Well, we switched out the homemade monitors for a professional system in ’77, I think. But Keith was attached to Monty.”


“He named the monitor Monty.”

Did he talk to it.

“He did a lot of things to it. Him and Monty were close, let’s leave it at that.”

Jesus, you people were running a loose organization.

“Nothing organized about it, chief.”

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  1. Been a while since I’ve read a new one. Thanks for the smile on a day.

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