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Sell Outs

Let’s play a game: which of these fonts is the most hateful? I’m going with the “sold out” that they stole from that Black Sabbath album.

Also, if the concert were held right now, all the tickets would be sold, yes; all the seats, though, would be filled with Estonian scalperbots, plus about three or four hundred people with American Express cards sitting behind the stage.

The ticketing system is irreparably fucked and, like all monopolies, completely unwilling to give a fuck. Luckily, I have a plan: we should go back to lining up outside record stores at four in the morning.

Actually, that’s the second part of plan. First part: rebuild the record stores.


  1. TotD just wants to see some boobs

  2. As per usual, Portland is way ahead of you. There’s a record store on every corner.

    Step 1: check.

  3. franz christain anderpoop

    August 15, 2015 at 8:50 am

    I am slightly confused.
    Does sold out refer to the ticket availability or lack-there of or to the musicians involved in this movable fiasco?

  4. This guy on reddit says Ticketbastard (thanks spenser) MSG platinum tix are on sale for $450-$600. That’s Ticketbastard, not scalpers. He’s all Ticked Off. (get it, Ticked Off, har har)
    Anyway I am waiting for the Dead to return to their 70s roots and reassign all tix to GA for $9.95.

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