Marx Brothers First of all: not a trio. There were either four or five Marx Brothers, depending on whether you count Gummo. (You shouldn’t count Gummo, but you can’t not count Zeppo.) Also, no rendition of H>S>F contained a blackface number, whereas Day At The Races not only has one, but it’s really fucking long.

Ritz Brothers I must be honest with you, Enthusiasts: I know that the Ritz Brothers existed, but that’s it. In fact, I don’t even know if they were a trio. Point: H>S>F.

Napoleon Ice Cream C’mon. Which song is the strawberry? Are you calling Slipknot! the strawberry? Cuz I’ll blacken your eye if you say that in my presence. Another win for the Dead.

The Tri-State Area Same situation as the Napoleon ice cream, but Connecticut is the strawberry.

Holy Trinity Here’s a puzzler. Both are intensely Christian in concept–H>S>F, secretly; the Trinity, overtly–and the Holy Ghost, much like Slipknot!, is spooky and tough to pin down. Both have inspired the kind of dancing in which white people wave their arms over their heads in a langorous fashion. Both are difficult to explain to non-initiates. (They’re three songs that always get played together except when they don’t vs. They’re three beings but they’re also one.) I gotta call this one a tie.

Rush H>S>F is a heady, heady jam. One cannot deny this truth. But H>S>F has made no charitable contributions to museums dedicated to the Negro Leagues, so I’m giving this one to Geddy and Neil and the other one.

Tanned, Rested, and Ready I’m sorry, but H>S>F doesn’t stand a chance here. Sure, a good version will set your choogly soul aglow, but a man who’s tanned, rested, and ready can conquer the world.

Three Blind Mice They’re mice. And they’re blind. You wanna compare them to H>S>F? What are you, some kind of chowderhead?

Don’t insult the readers.


Stop it.

I won’t abide foolishness in my dojo.

Stop calling the site your dojo.

May I go back to the post, please?

Do you really think there’s any juice left in this berry?

Yeah, okay.

This wasn’t your best, champ.