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Young, Man’s Blues

I never really got Neil Young. I liked the record with Rockin’ in the Free World on it, and Tonight’s the Night; when that piano song about Mother Nature flying into the sun comes on the radio, I leave it on. That’s about it, honestly.

Others–and people whose musical tastes I respect–can’t get enough of the guy. Perhaps being obsessed with Dylan wasn’t white enough: who can understand the longings of the Rock Nerd’s heart?

So: if you dig the lanky Canadian, go check out this affectionate and funny article Tyler Wilcox wrote for Pitchfork about two of Neil’s movies.

Here’s your soundtrack:

Young At Heart

I may have been a bit harsh with my opinions on Neil Young.

Don’t lie. His voice sounds like a goat being interrogated by the Mossad.

He wrote some decent songs.

Yeah, the one with two chords and the obvious lyrics or the one with two chords and the nonsensical lyrics?

He was in a band with Rick James.

That’s pretty cool.


Don’t lie because people got upset: you enjoy these four minutes by an artist named “Young” far more than anything Neil Young ever did.

Hey, man: moves need to be busted.

True, fam.

Young And Garcia (Not The 49ers QBs)

jerry neil young

Women would come from towns far and wide to give these men all of their sex. They were rock stars, dammit.

PLUS: Which jacket comes out of Thunderdome alive? At first: Neil, of course. There’s easily eight things wrong with that jacket I could name immediately and I’m sure that further inspection would also reveal nothing but horror. You could stop at the fringe; no one would blame you for saying “fringe” and refusing to have anything more to do with that jacket.

The way a leather blazer wrinkles at the elbow is almost pornographic.

And then you realize that whatever the hell Garcia has on has a zipper on it.