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How Do You Live Like This?

A listing of all the shows at Winterland from ’66 to the wrecking ball. I think I posted it already, but I ain’t afeared of no Content Nazis.

An article on the history of men’s shirt collars. Far more interesting than you’d think, and of course it came about because of the Boardwalk Empire bingewatch. You need to see the men’s shirt collars on this program. They verge on gorgets. Gorgets!

Three Wikipedia pages: The P-Funk mythos; a surrealist play I’ve not read but liked the title of; and the Drake Equation, which I tried and failed to rewrite last week because my grasp on math is shitty even when I’m allowed to make up the numbers.

A real long article on The Charlatans. They were friends with the Dead and liked playing cowboy. Seriously: they walked around all day with vests and canes like they were Bat Masterson.

Turns out Cargo Cults, and the legend of John Frum, may be yet another Colonialist lie. Or at least a misunderstanding.

All of that was open in your browser?


And yet you whine about never getting any work done?

Also yes.

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