Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Talking To The Night

“Anythin’ work right when you’re at?”

Less and less by the day.

“Shouldn’t take no week t’ find out who the President is! Y’vote in th’ mornin’, and Walter Cronkite tells ya who won durin’ Prime Time. That’s how it goes! It’s in the Constitution!”

Is it?

“Maybe the Bible. Rules are rules, that’s the ol’ Pig’s point.”

It’s a good point.

“I’ve been known t’ hit upon the odd universal truth!”


“Well, no matter how messy it was, y’got the desirable outcome.”

Were you supporting Joe Biden?

“Hell, no! Y’can’t support politicians, it only encourages ’em! Though I might make an exception f’r the Vice Fox!”

Please don’t call Kamala Harris “the Vice Fox.”

“Vice Fox-Elect!”

Not better.

“Don’t be policin’ the ol’ Pig’s phraseologies!”

Sorry. Any more political thoughts?

“Black Panthers got a real good plan.”

Keep the faith, Pig.

“Easier said than done! But it’s doable.”


  1. Smoke

    Pig may not be PC but he’s right. Vice president elect was easily the best looking person in the primary debates.

  2. Dawn Judd

    Vice-Fox is perfect!

  3. JES

    Hope you are comfy and safe with incoming storm. Pig too. Eta peach.

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