9/12/16, 10:23 am Congratulate DJT on his speech the other night. Very inspiring, especially the section about locking Hillary Clinton up. I HATE HER! That is one rough-looking lady. Not like DJT’s wife. Congratulate him on that, too.

9/19/16, 8:30 pm You ever watch 2 Broke Girls? Great show. Smoking hotties. The blonde is prettier, but the one with the big tits has such big tits.

10/3/16, 4:11 pm Have a great idea for DJT. He should call her a cunt. DJT’s popularity is based on his ability to “say what everyone is thinking.” What else does everyone think when they look at HRC but “What a cunt?” Maybe the crowd should chant it.

10/3/16 ,4:17 pm A good chant would be “Fuck that cunt! Fuck that cunt!” Very punchy.

10/8/16, 1:09 pm Got something I’d love if you could retweet. www.компьютерныйвирус.com. If you don’t want to retweet it, just click on it.

10/12/16 3:21 am What’s the weather like? I have forgotten what it feels like on my pale skin and creepy hair. Noticed you haven’t gotten back to me. I know you’re busy, but not cool.

10/12/16, 4:11 am Let’s skype so you can watch me pound off.

10/12/16, 4:12 am Meant to send that to someone else. Sorry.

10/17/16, 8:33 pm Another idea for DJT at the debate. Announce that he will grant Assange a pardon and name Assange to the Supreme Court.

10/28/16, 4:11 am Let’s skype so you can watch me pound off. This is for you, Junior.

10.31/16, 10:51 am Hey, my DM’s are all wonky. Did you send me something? I thought you might have. Let me know.

11/8/16, 11:48 pm WE DID IT.