Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Throw A Kiss And Say Goodbye

The First Church of the Infinite Christ will be open all night for the rending of garments.


  1. JES

    I been waiting in line all day for that and the gnashing of teeth to begin . . .

  2. Tom

    A few years ago, I had front row Steely Dan seats. After the show I ran up to the stage and got to touch Walter’s hand. I was like a giddy schoolgirl. I am a 56 year old man. Sad, not sad.

  3. Murray

    From the second best episode of Classic Albums:

    • Murray

      The best is Anthem to Beauty, natch.

      • JES

        I agree with that assessment. I can watch those two episodes over and over . . .

        My fave Walter quote comes when they are discussing “Deacon Blues.” Fagen admits it is as autobiographical a song as they ever wrote, then Becker offers a wistful coda remarking about music being one of the “mythical forms of loserdom” to which the protagonist might aspire.

        “And who can say he was wrong,” he closes, “about such things . . .”

        (“Anthem to Beauty’ wins the prize, though, for humanizing Phil as he tells the story of his father’s passing . . . )

        • Same guy as last time

          Is Phil really that difficult to humanize? Really curious.

  4. somebloke

    RIP Monsieur Becker…and yes, the comparisons about their various elpee-building and nitpickage is apt.

    In a similar quasi-obsessive vein, I offer this:
    Many moons ago, there was talk aboot the various surviving Gratefuls touring with the various members of Yes. Which is to say, one opening for the other. It got squashed…probably on the good sense that each of those band’s fanbases don’t REALLY like the others’ and the fact that ‘merricans don’t like their{chocolate} mixing with ProgRock in their Peanut Butter. More’s the pity.
    When I hear the closing strains of the studio “WRS/Let it Grow” I always think Bobert J. Weir stole big hunks of the various crescendi from “Roundabout.” Which was released at least ten months before Wake of the Flood was even a ZYGOTE.


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