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Ventura Speedway Boogie

Holy shit, is this too much Grateful Dead. I’ve listened to, like, four Dead shows today and this is too much Grateful Dead. It’s like sugar: a little sugar in your coffee is good, but too much sugar and three days of Dead tribute bands is ridiculous.

Excuse me.


Get your facts straight: there are also Jerry Band tribute acts.

This is my Guantanamo right here.

The question is: how many of these are tribute bands, and how many are cosplay outfits?

You mean, like, they got a Bobby in Bobby clothes that tells Bobby’s jokes, and Fake Billy has a mustache and fake-punches real dicks?”


80/20% ratio.


People love being outside. I don’t get it.

It’s a mystery.

Of course, FoTotD David Gans will be wonderful.

Of course, and his book can be purchased here in softcover. Hey, you wanna see something scary?




This is why Trump won.

It is, yeah.


  1. Couldn’t all the bands just play at once? I mean, they’re just doing Truckin into Day Job or whatever, so everyone should just do it and get it over with.

    I don’t mind GD tribute bands, sometimes they are fun down at the local bar. But all at once, non-stop, for three days? oh, well, what do I know, I stopped going to outdoor live Dead type shows when the Dead were still playing them. I hope everyone has a good time and stays safe (which, these days, means don’t forget your cholestorol pills).

  2. You know, I love me some Dead, and I love me some hand percussion, and I like me a Dead cover once in a while — heck, my band does a Dead cover on occasion — but this all sounds like one horrible idea squared. Drum circles should just have their hands all cut off, but those fuckers would still continue to beat away with their bloody stumps and all and there’s be no difference in the sound. There’s no damn justice.

  3. Hey, here’s a better way to get a copy of the paperback – SIGNED! By BOTH AUTHORS!

    Hardcover, too:

  4. As for the notion of clustering all those Dead-lovin’ musicians together in one place, my only fear is that there maybe some evil genius with a plan to get rid of us all at once.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      March 31, 2017 at 12:53 am

      I believe this theory now, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      I am also a bit mad at myself for not thinking of it.

  5. Maybe Shapiro is right.

    I bet at about hour 37 of that drum circle left brain access would be complete.

    Rhythm Sweat Lodge as band name.

  6. I had to go look this up . . .

    I have a real soft spot and fondness for TC, in the same ways that I generally have a soft spot and fondness for the least well regarded members of the most highly regarded bands I follow (just got done singing Jim Hodder’s praises in a Steely Dan thread, for example). (See also Team Michael Anthony).

    But, ummmmmmmm . . . . I dunno.

    • SmokingLeather

      April 1, 2017 at 2:09 am

      JES I gotta say that this band is really good. I saw them last year at the Stone Pony and it was quite an evening of music. Easily one of the top ten collections of musicians I saw all year last year.

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