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We Are A Nation Of Laws

Many years ago, I made myself a set of rules concerning the use of opiates. To wit:

  1. Gotta have a prescription. (And a guy named Dead Tooth Doug saying, “You know what you need?” does not count.)
  2. Mustn’t lie to the doctor for the scrip.

I believe they are good rules, Enthusiasts, and will keep you from robbing your relatives’ homes or blowing strangers. (Not to cast aspersions on those who enjoy blowing strangers. It’s a free country: gobble all the anonymous ding-dings you want. I’m saying that these rules will keep you from needing to blow strangers.)

One will, however, notice that rules say nothing at all about taking the pills as directed.

Is this your way of informing the readers that today’s posts may not make any sense?


I thought so.


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  1. The Central Shaft

    A man’s gotta have a code.

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