Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

We Never Stood A Chance

Go listen to Preservation 1 & 2. What were you gonna spin? The Soft Boys? Don’t listen to the fucking Soft Boys. Have some respect for yourself, man.


  1. JES

    Or you could listen to the Kinks soundtrack album from the film “Percy,” based on the same-named novel by Raymond Hitchcock, father of the Soft Boys’ Robyn. Quite the cast. Quite the concept. Quite the trailer:

    (What’s wrong with my brain that I knew that, and that the connection occurred to me immediately when I read this post?)

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      I had actually been avoiding Percy because I thought it was like Queen’s Flash soundtrack, just snippets of background music. But it is damn fine.

      • JES

        I hadn’t heard it since the mid-’70s, but also gave it a full Youtube spin last night and, yeah, good stuff!

        But I just can’t do much of Ray’s “music hall” concept album period. I think the compare/contrast is what made me like “Low Budget” and “Give the People . . .” so much when they came out.

  2. Carlos

    30 years on , and still True philosophy, ‘only the stones remain’

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