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What’s So Super About It, Anyway?

This Super Bowl halftime pipe dream won’t go away: people are now providing us with listicles about why the Dead (Or What’s Left Of ‘Em) should appear at this year’s big game.

In hopes of putting this folly to an end, TotD now presents 10 Reasons Why the Dead Playing the Super Bowl Is a Terrible Idea:

  1. For fuck’s sake, we still doing this bullshit?
  2. Just no.
  3. I mean: c’mon.
  4. Seriously: come the fuck on.
  5. How do you so thoroughly miss the point of a band?
  7. The NFL does not pay performers; in fact, the acts cover their own production costs.
  8. That fact alone is enough to end the discussion, as is the fact that Garcia died twenty years ago.
  9. Speaking of Garcia: you can get away with many shenanigans while uttering the sacred mantra “It’s what Garcia would have wanted,” but this shenanigan is not one of them; Garcia would not have played the halftime show and we all know it.
  10. Please just stop with this right now.

You’re welcome.


  1. If I didn’t have such faith in your journalistic integrity, I would think this was a prank.

  2. The Dead at halftime would be better than..

  3. Would love it!. They would have enough time for 3-4 songs minimal solos. So Open with Jack Straw, Estimated Prophet, Fire on the Mountain and into I know you Rider.

  4. There is nothing I love more than a colossal trainwreck, so, even though I don’t watch football, my eyes would be fucking glued to the screen for this. I mean, the band that sucked so badly at Woodstock they were cut from the movie and the record, was closely involved with Altamont, arguably the greatest disaster in rock history and a literal synendoche for the end of a entire political and cultural historical era, and then flew all the way to Egypt to deliver some of their worst concerts of a live playing career that can be safely described as “checkered” or “hit-and-miss” will be playing in front of the largest teevee audience of the year?

    What could possibly go wrong?

  5. thank you.

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