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My Valentine’s Day Gift To You

This is Bob Seger (and his Silver Bullet Band) live at Cobo Hall on 6/15/80.

This is not Bob Seger (or his Silver Bullet Band), but don’t hold that against it.



This is a YouTube-to-MP3 ripper that’s been working well for me, and it’s free. The file gets added to your computer as one big chunk instead of as individual tracks, but I mostly use it for live shows, and you’re supposed to listen to the whole damn thing.

And Leave Them On!

This is the original from 1961, sung–but not written–by Bobby “Blue” Bland.

FUN FACT: Jabo Starks on drums!

NOT-AS-FUN FACT: Love Light was written by a fellow named Joe Scott, but the thieving cracker-ass cracker who owned the studio stole half the credit.


Stop that.

From ’69, and whoever is playing the wikka-wakka guitar on the right should be given a state pension and a comfortable dacha by the Black Sea.

Any votes for the Killer? Not mine, and it’s all due to that damnable acoustic guitar in the left channel. I’ll make you a deal, The Universe: keep your strummed acoustic guitars out of my soul music, and I won’t slather any greasy-ass B3 organ on your folk tunes.

NOT-FUN-AT-ALL FACT: Jerry Lee Lewis has murdered at least one of his wives.

There’s that grease I was talking about. 1972 from the hardest working band in Michigan.

FUN SHIBBOLETH: If you pronounce it Duh-TROIT instead of DEE-troit, then you’re a cop.

The wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner! The bong-rattling bass of Mel Schacher! The competent drum work of Don Brewer!

FUNK FACT: Seven minutes long, but it didn’t need to be.

This rendition hit #1 in Japan.

FUJI FACT: The Japanese have utter shit taste in everything but seafood.

Also, some semi-defunct choogly-type band covered the tune once or twice, but I can’t find any recordings.