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Show Stopper

band bid you goodnight

Honestly, you two: knock it off. Yes, Keith ate a handful of off-brand hippo tranquilizer and crawled into the piano twenty minutes ago but he has a weird way of sensing things even when he’s comatose.

PLUS Bottom right, third guy in, blue shirt: is that the Phantom of the Opera? What the dick is going on here?

ALSO Mickey is there why?

AND If Garcia doesn’t have a lit Camel in that left hand we can’t see, I’ll blow the Pope in Macy’s window.

I'd Walk A Mile For A Camel

jerry bobby phil acapella fillmore

And We Bid You Goodnight was always the best way to end a Dead show, but the main reason Garcia liked the song was because it was the only number they did he could perform while smoking.

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