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Backstage Pass Number Two

pass 9:16:87 msg


This pass, too, will grant you access to the backstage area of a Grateful Dead concert. Many wonderful things might happen. Something else might happen that’s not that wonderful, but it entirely expected.

Grateful Dead Backstage Pass

pass boring 5:15:77

This is official permission to enter the performer’s area (a backstage pass) at a Grateful Dead concert. They were a choogly-type band.

What's The Matter With Kids Today?

pass kids crew

For the shows welcoming back Garcia, Bill Graham experimented with an all-child road crew. “The Children’s Crusade went so well, I just figured…It did not go well? The children were all sold into slavery almost immediately upon leaving their homes? WHY DOES NO ONE TUTOR BILL GRAHAM ON EUROPEAN HISTORY!?”

Deep Sea Of Love

pass scuba

A few of them took up scuba diving. Billy enjoyed a chance to get away from the constant drudgery of punching dick and revel in the decadent thrill of punching cloaca; Garcia just thought the phrase “poop deck” was the funniest thing he’d ever heard.

Ceci N’est Pas Une Morte

pass pipe guy

This backstage pass is, for some reason, Kosher.

Comic Book Colors #11

pass spidey

Spidey’s always been my guy.

Comic Book Colors #10

pass thorpass iron man pass captain america

The big three, as far as Marvel’s concerned. The full appellation might be “the big three that can’t quite sell their own books real consistent-like,” but we won’t hold that against them.

Marvel Fun Fact: all three of the heroes pictures are uncircumcised, so you’re looking at a twelve-skin.

Comic Book Colors #9

pass ben parker

Ben Parker? Really? Aunt May-bangin’, lesson-teachin’, bullet-catchin’ Uncle Ben?

If you say so.

Comic Book Colors #8

pass hulk

Listen: you knew Mickey didn’t like mustard on his baloney sandwiches, but you put the mustard on anyway, so now Mickey’s a nine-foot emerald ragemonster, and he’s going to do things to you.

Comic Book Colors #7

pass rawhide kid pass rawhide kid

Like I said, it’s nice to see some representation for the backbench, but–and I am a man who used to manage a comic book store–I have no idea who these people are.

The only thing I remember about the Rawhide Kid is that in the edgy, anything-goes Aughts, Marvel did this “mature” comic where he was gay, and hey: gay dude in the Wild West–could be interesting, but the thing looked like it was written by the twelve-year-old everyone’s pretty sure is gonna shoot up the place one day:

“Hey, rawhide Kid. Are you going to pull out your gun? In a gay fashion?

“Why, YEEEEESSSS. Here it is, it’s my gun, lah-dee-dong. Do I smell man-butt?”

And so on for another twenty pages.

(Also, here’s something personal you didn’t know about TotD: I punched the guy who wrote this in a Los Angeles bar.)

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