1. BIG RIVER It’s a about a lady, but it’s also about a river. Or maybe Bobby’s just cutting out the middle-lady and straight-up river-fucking. That’s the good kind of lyrical ambiguity.
  2. BIG RAILROAD BLUES They didn’t play it a ton, which–according to a certain subspecies of Deadhead–makes the song inherently groovy. I will not call them liars!
  3. BIG BEAUREGARD’S BEEF Played only once on 9/24/68 and thankfully not recorded or even remembered all that well by anyone in attendance, BBB was about a fellow named Beau and his gargantuan meat. Blot out the sun, Big Beau’s steak-shaft would. Hog city down there.
  4. BIG BOSS MAN This should probably be where Big Railroad Blues is, but I don’t have the energy to fix it. Use your imagination.