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Woman, Stay With A Friend



“Be careful tonight.”


“There’s gonna be a jailbreak.”

“My God.”

“Yes, there’s gonna be a jailbreak somewhere in this town.”

“Well we oughtta…wait a minute.¬†Somewhere in this town?”

“That’s what I heard.”

“Wouldn’t the jailbreak take place at the jail?”

“I cannot attest to that. I know there’s a jailbreak going on tonight, and somewhere in this town.”

“Is it maybe a metaphor?”

“Oh, no, the boys mean business. They’re busting out dead or alive.”

“Are these the same boys that just got back into town?”

“Let’s leave that alone for now.”

“I just can’t wrap my head around¬†somewhere in this town. There is literally no other location a jailbreak could occur at.”

“I think you mean ‘no other location at which a jailbreak could occur.'”


“I deserved that.”

“Thank you for taking my correction with such grace. I return to the jailbreak: how big is the town we’re in, anyway?”

“Sizable. Big enough for a jail, it seems.”

“But is it big enough for more than one?”

“I haven’t that information.”

“Fine, fine. So we’ll be on general guard tonight. Did they say what time?”


“Uh-huh. And where are we situated and what time of year is it? Because depending on the answers to those questions, ‘tonight’ could last anywhere from zero to twenty-four hours.”

“I am just as stymied about those mysteries as I am about most others. Oh, I do know that once the boys escape from the searchlights and the hellhounds, they’ll be going into the city zones.”

“What the fuck is a city zone?”

“Christ, I don’t know. Listen, I think we’ve squoze all the juice from this berry.”

“You’re not wrong. We could maybe do another one for Cowboy Song.”

“Those are some goofy-ass lyrics.”

“Okay, see you back here in a few.”

“Great working with you.”

“You, too. I think we really hit it off.”

“You wanna play the Choking Game?”


“Nothing, see you next time, bye.”