Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Good Advice


And a good beat.


  1. JES


    She was in the Caravans for awhile in the early ’60s . . . I think I’d recommended some of their songs from that era on the Jesus Music Playlist a while back.

    • JES

      She was with Caravans in the late ’50s actually. I forgot how far back their story goes . . .

      Holy Moly, though, were they great, whenever. You got me breakin’ out the Good Gospel Mix this morning. Singing along to the Jesus songs, and sending the “mmmm hmmmmmm’s” and the “praise be’s” and the “amen’s” your way . . .

      (We have a big dearth of “Selah’s” in Southern Gospel tradition, though, alas and sorry . . . )

  2. JES

    Good morning . . . .

    (Dorothy takes the lead).


  3. Mean, Green, Devil Eating Machine

    Jerry would have loved that!

  4. MJK

    Id like to take a minute to recognize February 15, 1973. The Grateful Dead played a very good show at the Dane County Colliseum. Typical, great set list of this era, and typical strong performance of this era as well. But this night was special for a single, fleeting moment early in the first set. On this night the band was in such fine form and firing on all cylinders and in such early 70s peak formation that they pulled of a feat many thought unattainable. Because on this night on the second song in the fist set, this band came together in unison to deliver the intro of the old favorite Beat it on Down the Line without one band member pooching his note or missing the beat. And this was on a 12 count mind you. Compliments and congratulations were shared by all at the end of the first set and the band was so happy and pleased with themselves that they gave Ms Donna Jean You Ain’t Women Enough in the second set, over the strong objections of Lesh of course, but that goes without saying. And I hope TOtD is feeling better, but I digress.

    • michael Debruin

      Oh hell yes! One of the best. The head, the tail, the whole damn thing.

  5. JES

    And then, after the Caravans . . .

    (A little Gospel goes a long way on a dark day . . . )

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    Front row glasses guy, James, mick & charlie, choir conductor guy

    • JES

      It was SO GOOD to see that film when they finally released it . . . Rev James and ‘retha and Pretty and Rainey all amazing, though with historic perspective the dynamic with Rev C.L.Franklin and Clara Ward there together was a bit icky . . .

      • Luther Von Baconson

        Yeah, the doc was uplifting (and I needed it at the time-fall ‘19? seems long ago), but I did feel uneasy about James & Rev Franklin as well-not quite right

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