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Harm Me With Harmony

The Who strolled to the plate with a .750 average–only Keith Moon couldn’t sing–and so did Queen. The Beatles, too. (Don’t give me any of that Ringo revisionism.) Either three or four Grateful Deads could carry (mostly) a tune.

Were there any bands where everyone sang well enough to join in on the harmonies? Let’s see (and hear) your answers in the Comment Section.


  1. PWD

    The Band

  2. ste4ve

    Pretty obviously, CSN&Y.

  3. The Central Shaft

    The Band

    • The Central Shaft

    • The Central Shaft

      Rockin Chair from the brown one

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Nope. Garth didn’t sing.

      • The Central Shaft

        Dammit. Their average was still pretty damn high.

        • The Dirty Hunch

          Robbie’s wasn’t much of a singer. Levon claimed in his book that his mic was turned off for the Last Waltz.

  4. Nathan S Clevenger

    Fleet Foxes when they had Josh TIllman on drums are the champs.

  5. tubro

    all of the pips could sing, as far as i recall.
    the persuasions.
    america, which might as well be the same as poco and bread and loggins and messina except
    that only one of them sang sister golden hair. but i think all of them sang.

    but seriously, the meters.

    also the original core four of los lobos. the drummer always changed and it’s not fair to ask the jewish guy who joined later to sing all those spanish lyrics. but david, conrad, louie and cesar all sing. indeed, they all sing lead. and they all sing beautifully, to this day, probably in some club or small
    theater tonite in fact.

  6. The Central Shaft

    I was also going to say The Ink Spots but I felt like that was cheating.

  7. Whdolan


  8. Ritchie vanian

    Husker Du

  9. Murray

    The Wailers

  10. J. Eric Smith

    The original four Eagles. Every one of then sang a hit. Felder was a vocal weak link in later line ups, but he at least stepped up.

    Beach Boys, post David Marks

    KISS (Ace and Peter eras).

  11. Luther Von Baconson


  12. Luther Von Baconson

    Always partial to this

  13. Dick Scratcher

    The Eagles
    They all sang by themselves too

  14. Schmitty

    Do The Bee Gees count?

  15. hcm

    Beach Boys (original lineup)

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