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Eddie Hazel, Collected

Eddie cut one solo record during his lifetime, 1977’s Game, Dames, and Guitar Thangs. It’s better than Axis: Bold as Love or Are Your Experienced? in that Mitch Mitchell doesn’t play drums. Plus the Brides of Funkenstein on lead vocals.

The 2004 re-issue of Game, Dames…included four semi-finished songs that had been released as the Jams From The Heart EP.

After Eddie died, the lawyers threw this together, and the album cover certainly warns you of the fact. (Still: an hour of Eddie Hazel fucking around is better than an hour of just about any other sound.)

Eddie, Bootsy, Bernie, and Bill Laswell producing. And George Clinton. And Buckethead. And Sly & Robbie. And Herbie Hancock. And Garry Shider, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, and Michael Hampton. And Henry Threadgill! HENRY FUCKING THREADGILL! If you like music, then you’ll like this. (FUN FACT: Recorded in Brother on the Dead’s neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York.)

Eddie Hazel’s basement tapes sound different than Dylan’s basement tapes in that they actually sound like they were taped in a basement.

You’re welcome.

Such A Winter’s Day


To whom?

Well, the nice people for a start. And then the talented stars. Those stars are so talented, and they give your talent to you for free, in exchange for money and status.

That’s not free.

You ever given Adele any money?

The Adele that’s my mother, or the singer?

The singer.


So, it’s free for you. Why don’t you play some Adele? Oh, that woman’s pipes are only rivaled by her no-nonsense attitude.

I love Adele, man. Every single one of her songs is not a repetitive dirge.

Not at all!

You’re right: here’s Adele from last night’s Grammy show.

You’re gonna do this all day?


Not Adele. Eddie Hazel doing California Dreamin’.

No? Must have mis-typed the URL.


Thanks, MCA

MCA died today. Well, not MCA: I doubt MCA had been around for a year or so. Cancer strops that whimsical shit out of you, toot sweet. The horror, on its face, of cancer is the multiplying, the duplication, the encroachment. But it is a zero-sum game, there is only so much space in a person and every day there’s not even that space anymore. As the cancer takes over, you dissipate: ain’t you no more, that’s cancer where you used to be. The King is dead, long live the King.

So, Adam Yauch died today, and I realize all of our “how did you find out” stories are going to suck from now on: “Well, I opened my browser and there it was.” 

When Garcia died, people told each other, or it was on the radio. We still played those out in the street, especially in August. My RA from my freshman year called me. It was noon, so I was still in bed and I remember listening to the message he was leaving on my machine with a strange equivocation. I had seen them 5 times in the last year and hung a big Stealie flag by my bed, listened to the few tapes I had constantly (although I was developing an obsession with P-Funk, mostly the Eddie Hazel band version), and dated more than one full-on Hippie Chick. I was, you might say, a duck.

But no tears, nothing like that. Nor for when Freddie Mercury died, and there was no bigger fan in the greater suburban Essex County area then me. (A friend of mine has long been spreading a myth of some sort of “armband” in some sort of color, possibly “black” being worn by a certain bloggist  after the death of Mr. Mercury, but that so-called friend is a filthy-minded prevaricator and scofflaw. A penniless, poisonous, cretinous cur of a fool of an abolitionist of a suffragette of a communist of a fool. Double fool and a pox upon his tiny, tiny dishwasher-less apartment in Little Mozambique.  I say this about him: His drawers are wet and his blade is dry.)

47 is young, let’s not lie. Too young, although a 97-year-old would cane-whack you for suggesting that any age is the right age to go. Now, for certain occupations: not young at all. I am looking at a certain piano bench that has claimed far more lives than the Hope Diamond.

Thanks, Adam.