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Eddie Hazel, Collected

Eddie cut one solo record during his lifetime, 1977’s Game, Dames, and Guitar Thangs. It’s better than Axis: Bold as Love or Are Your Experienced? in that Mitch Mitchell doesn’t play drums. Plus the Brides of Funkenstein on lead vocals.

The 2004 re-issue of Game, Dames…included four semi-finished songs that had been released as the Jams From The Heart EP.

After Eddie died, the lawyers threw this together, and the album cover certainly warns you of the fact. (Still: an hour of Eddie Hazel fucking around is better than an hour of just about any other sound.)

Eddie, Bootsy, Bernie, and Bill Laswell producing. And George Clinton. And Buckethead. And Sly & Robbie. And Herbie Hancock. And Garry Shider, Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, and Michael Hampton. And Henry Threadgill! HENRY FUCKING THREADGILL! If you like music, then you’ll like this. (FUN FACT: Recorded in Brother on the Dead’s neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York.)

Eddie Hazel’s basement tapes sound different than Dylan’s basement tapes in that they actually sound like they were taped in a basement.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Stella Blue

    Not sure why Laswell wanted to tame “Cosmic Slop” and turn it into a smooth hiphop beat but “Hideous Mutant Freaks” definitely kicked some ass.

    Good Thoughts Bad Thoughts from 1974 might be the most beautiful guitar playing I’ve ever heard this side of Curtis Mayfield or Garcia.

    Check out hazel on “Love Is Something” by The Brides if you missed it.

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