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Art Rock: Forever A Thing

This one’s got everything, Enthusiasts: Ann Magnuson and David Sanborn having a Hair-Off, underage back-up singers, multiple bass players, and Bobby looking even more confused than normal.

Credit for the find goes to Esteemed Commentator JES. Not thanks. I don’t know if thanks are in order here, but blame can be placed.

Rob, Bob, Bill, Hill

“Bobby Ace! How yew doin’, hoss?”

“Doing well, Mr. President.”

“Lemme ask yew a question, Bob.”

“All right.”

“Where’s the puss?”

“Uh, sir, your wife is right there.”

“Oh, man, it’s okay. Me an’ Hill got an arrangement.”

“Yeah? What’s that, sir?”

“I do whatever the hell I want all the time, and she faces the consequences.”


“Billy here?”

“You know our drummer?”

“Shit, yeah. Me an’ Big Bad Bill got a common interest.”


“Skank, yeah. That boy is a hound. Love Billy the K. Good people. You know that whole ‘triangulating’ bullshit we was all on about?”


“Billy came up with that. ‘Cept it wasn’t ’bout no politics.”

“Was it about skank?”

“It was, it was. Skank got three usable holes, y’know.”

“I’ve heard that.”

“Hey, Bill. Bobby! So nice to see you again.”

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Clinton.”

“Can I trouble you for a quick favor?”

“I already donated to your foundation.”

“Not that. You got the Time Sheath?”

“Maybe. Why?”

“I just want to peek ahead a couple decades. See how it all turns out.”

“You don’t want that.”

“Do you have the Time Sheath or not?”


The Road Was Long, But I Ran It

bobby rob wasserman wedding

We continue to honor the life of Rob Wasserman today with this sweet shot from his wedding. Though I didn’t know Rob personally, I feel confident that he would not have wanted me to make a Rocky Horror reference. So, I won’t.

As The Full Moon Pales

This is how this song was supposed to go; it’s better than any version the Grateful Dead ever did.

Also: David Sanborn’s Jewfro.

Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down

Cheerful thought for the day: 2016 isn’t even half over, and it’s going to get so much worse.

I guess that wasn’t cheerful, was it?

One For The Road

Thanks, Rob.

Bobby Sox

bobby rob wasserman johnny johnson

That’s Johnny Johnson, the genius piano player who secretly wrote most of Chuck Berry’s hits.

Those are socks and sandals, the fashion mistake that Bobby should be aware of.


(You Don't Make It) Easy To Love You

bobby fanny pack

Bobert W. Weir, you go to your room and think about what you’ve done.