“Bobby Ace! How yew doin’, hoss?”

“Doing well, Mr. President.”

“Lemme ask yew a question, Bob.”

“All right.”

“Where’s the puss?”

“Uh, sir, your wife is right there.”

“Oh, man, it’s okay. Me an’ Hill got an arrangement.”

“Yeah? What’s that, sir?”

“I do whatever the hell I want all the time, and she faces the consequences.”


“Billy here?”

“You know our drummer?”

“Shit, yeah. Me an’ Big Bad Bill got a common interest.”


“Skank, yeah. That boy is a hound. Love Billy the K. Good people. You know that whole ‘triangulating’ bullshit we was all on about?”


“Billy came up with that. ‘Cept it wasn’t ’bout no politics.”

“Was it about skank?”

“It was, it was. Skank got three usable holes, y’know.”

“I’ve heard that.”

“Hey, Bill. Bobby! So nice to see you again.”

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Clinton.”

“Can I trouble you for a quick favor?”

“I already donated to your foundation.”

“Not that. You got the Time Sheath?”

“Maybe. Why?”

“I just want to peek ahead a couple decades. See how it all turns out.”

“You don’t want that.”

“Do you have the Time Sheath or not?”