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Rules For Opiates/Songs By The Faces


  1. Must be prescribed by a doctor, and guys nicknamed “Doc” do not count.
  2. Can’t lie to the doctor
  3. Gotta get ’em from a pharmacy.
  4. Pills are not to be snorted, shot, or boofed.
  5. No refills.

Follow these simple rules, and you can have the occasional lovely afternoon without spiraling downward into addiction.


  1. Nothing too complicated.
  2. If the tune is not explicitly a cover, it must be an obvious swipe.
  3. Every song ends in a rave-up, even the ballads.

Florida Man, Florida Man…

I do apologize for the lack of japery and fiction, semi or otherwise, this week; I’ve spent every day visiting doctors and dentists up and down the Palm Coast. (Thanks, Obama!) Soon, I will be healthy and will get back to whatever the fuck it is I do around here.

Until then, rediscover The Faces.