Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Just A Little Bit More

Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt were both beautiful, but not in the same way: Emmylou looked like a sculpture; Bonnie was plastered.


Question time, Enthusiasts! What’s the most obviously coked-up musical performance on YouTube? Lowell up there is gakked to creation and back, but there must be some more Colombian appearances. Post ’em in the Comment Section!

NOTE: That J Geils Band clip is disqualified, and so is the one where Little Richard and his potato salad nearly start a riot. You know which one I’ talking about. This one:

That one.


  1. MDB

    Pete with the boys at Rockpalast.

  2. dawn

    that is some potato salad for sure!

  3. uncle-jimmy

    The Godfather of Grunge: Neil Young “The Last Waltz” I believe you can see a big ol’ blood diamond stuck in his nostril at some point in the original release.

  4. Dave Froth

    Little Richard is God.

  5. The Woodcutter's Son

    An altered state classic!

  6. Luther Von Baconson

    “Pleshette had us do lines for this scene, pure Drugstore Merck. That’s how we came up with Ristlety Rostlety now now now”

  7. Ashley Pfannenstiel

    Everything from Shel Sliverstein’s houseboat is worth a looksee….

  8. leapyear

    ^came in to say Dr Hook.

    other notables:
    Least amount of F’s given


    booger sugariest

    GG Allen is probably the winner but I’m too afraid to look one up.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Christ, Garcia looks awful. I couldn’t even watch all the way through. Director wasn’t helping with the close-ups of his filthy fingers.

      • ChadB

        He was REALLY struggling..

  9. Carlos

    James brown sex machine is a contender,
    my YouTube playlist is full of qualifiers it seems, lots of Marvin Gaye.

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