Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Morning Shark, Dew Dew Duh Dew Duh Dew

Have we ever discussed the nadir of cool that were the Wall of Sound’s double-microphones? They are not making my pussy wet.


What? I’m telling my truth: those gadgets are so gorky they make my puss drier than Christopher Guest’s wit.

Not okay.

Hey, man. I’m not PC.

It has nothing to do with PC. It has to do with making people queasy.

You know how dry my pussy is?

Stop it; I’m begging you.

My pussy is so dry that doctors used to tell the tubercular to move there.

I’m ripcording you.



I am genuinely sorry for that, folks. He’s been having health problems lately, and shouldn’t be trusted with an alphabet. I had to throw him out of the plane we were, for some reason, in. Enjoy the choogle and let’s just forget this happened, huh?


  1. mjk

    ned lagin!!!

    • NoThoughtsOnDead

      A comment on my condition that when I recognized him (from the visual, not the auditory), I thought first of ToTD.

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