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4/18/87: A Matter Of Y/N

Big, hot Sugaree? Y

Big, hot Far From Me? N

Far From Me? Y

If you met 4/18/87 in person, would it call you Pappy? Y

Why? Not a yes or no question; try again.

Ultramatrix mix? Y

Iko Iko? Y Y

Does the rest of Irvine that isn’t Irvine Meadows suck? Y

Holy shit, did I actually recommend a show like a functioning Grateful Dead person? N


  1. molson13

    Irvine Meadows sucked too. There are memories of good shows there, but the lawn was too steep, the walk from the lot sucked and the cops were horrible (compared to the rest of California). Fuck Irvine Meadows and I hope the condos they built there get black mold.

    • Stellblu

      “… hope the condos they built there get black mold.” might be the most deliciously evil thing I’ve ever read.

  2. Paula

    I was there.

  3. MJK

    Oh yes, irvine meadows 87. I think this is the show that Bobby tried going on stage wearing spandex biking shorts, pink izod and his pink guitar. Kreutzmann had to be physically restrained from attacking him, and Lesh called an immediate band meeting and was pushing for Weir to be fired on the spot. Of note, Lesh was wearing a multi colored sweater/shirt tucked in to sweat pants with elastic around the ankles. Cooler heads prevailed but sadly, stage attire remained problematic.

  4. Cube

    Couple of positives about Irvine Meadows, though I generally concur with the other commenters.

    -adjacency to Lion Country Safari (one of those drive-thru zoo thingys). Enterprising Heads, legend had it, could sneak in to shows by braving the lions . . .

    -89 shows were scheduled opposite the annual air show at El Toro MCAS across the freeway. For those partaking, it was, well, trippy.

  5. andrewflack

    Yes, you did. And a good one, too. Jerry in especially robust, yes, robust voice.

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