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A Quick One, Then I’m Away

If you care, there is an article between the covers of the Rolling Stone about Dead & Company; we learn two things. One: although this piece is not written by FoTotD David Browne, author of So Many Roads: The Life and Times of the Grateful Dead, it is written by David Fricke. We can therefore deduce that a superfluous “e” is required to write about the Dead for RS. And, two: Bobby wants to go back in the studio, because that’s where the Dead shines.


  1. excellente pointe

  2. Weire heree

  3. TotDe. Now you too can write for RS.

  4. Does the title mean you are taking a break for a while?

    Can Spencer entertain us with photoshop while you are away?

    Can you give Maggie the keys to the blog?

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