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Above The Rim

bill walton backstage fox
Hey, Bill Walton.

“Oh, hey. Noticed that the kids these days are eating each others’ butts like there’s no tomorrow.”

Butts are big.

“Eating ass!”



Please, Bill Walton: never make those noises again in public.

“It’s wild, my friend. Do you know that when I began my career at UCLA under the great Coach Wooden, doggy-style hadn’t been invented yet?”

That’s not true.

“My junior year, I ate some shrooms with Elvin Bishop and he told me how it worked. And now everyone’s wearing each others’ asses as catcher’s masks. Weird world.”

“Later, I’m gonna chow down on Rapunzel here’s back porch like a set-break taco.”

We’re done.


  1. oh my god whERe did you learn about this fucking WEIRD TREND pLS :/

  2. Someone try and distract ToTD before tonoght’s postings continue down this dark path of alternative sex..

    Maybe suggest a show or something, or mention that Phil’s Cody wristband has become sentient and would like to talk..

    Something Anything.

  3. Here are all the pics I took at Lockn..

    I try to keep my face out of the camera, but I took a few.

    • No editing, just dumped them on ya..

      • You ditched Phil & Carlos for Woody Hayes & the Woodland Nymphs w special guest Mickey Hart and the Enchanted Elves?

      • Boogaloo..

        Hell yeah I walked right out on Carlos and the EgoManiacs.

        Imagine the backstage discussion..

        Three voices in unison saying..

        “I will lead the jam, follow my lead”

        Then Phil saying..
        “let’s do Island in the stream jamming where the songs are brief forms in a flow of jams”

        They all say “Cool..”

        But Phil pictures a stream leading to San Francisco harbor with him on a yacht, Carlos pictures a stream in South America with conga playing natives and ladies with fruit on their heads, and Warren pictures the Suwanee river running through the history of Southern Rock.

  4. This may actually be one of your most unsettling posts of late.

  5. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    September 15, 2015 at 9:45 am

    walton knows it’s all about the Microbiome. Coach Wood-man said so.

  6. Salad tossing?
    The low bar around this place has finally touched the earth’s core.

  7. I talked to Jay Blakesberg for a minute at Lockn, I mentioned this blog. He seemed to not be aware, I guess it was an audience member and not Jay that used the term “a Benjy”

    Maybe he is here reading.. Hi Jay.

    His new book Hippie Chick is bound to raise some female eyebrows, raise those brows I say, and then pluck that shit ladies… got to look sharp to make it into the book.

    Bonnie noted the camera focus on hot young chicks at Lockn, when the majority of attendees are old beer guts like myself. I do not want to get labelled as a pig, but.. inside we are all hot hippie chicks, so let the bias continue.


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