chez ray

“You’re supposed to eat it. The soup.”

Hey, Chez Ray.

“I been cooking my whole life and never had to explain soup before. You’re a special kind of dumb.”

It was an accident! You’re a chef, you must have burned yourself a million times.

“Course. Burned, sliced, stabbed, poisoned, had the walk-in door slam on my hand once or twice.”

So I would expect some sympathy, huh?

“You didn’t let me finish.”

Go ahead.

“I was going to say, ‘…but then I didn’t whine about on the internet.'”

Oh. Yeah, sure. Garcia a big soup fan?

“If it came out of a can that said Campbell’s, sure. God bless him, he ate like a ten-year-old.”

That’s the general consensus.

“Billy liked Campbell’s soup, too, but just throwing cans at people real hard.”

That is also the consensus.