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And The Story Was Whatever Was The Song

This song might be perfect. Probably not, but it’s got a shot to draw the inside straight.


  1. as so often, you are correct.

  2. Toro, toro, taxi.

  3. And, it shares a chord sequence with “Once In a Lifetime” and a good deal of Playing In The Band, so it automatically is fuggen awesome.

  4. Spot on. I just closed my eyes and disappeared for 6:40…

  5. Enlightened Enthusiasts been demanding that MK is shanghaied for the Garcia spot for some considerable time now. Sign the petition. MK needs stretching, the drummers need discipline, the dungeon is vacant, perfect fit.

  6. Amazingly, Knopfler’s Shangri-La is even better. Not just the song. The entire record.

    My favorite moment on Making Movies is the end of “Tunnel of Love.” Also, “Espresso Love” has a pretty good “Other One” tease in the outro.

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