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Back To The Present

I was completely unaware of just how many things I didn’t know about Back to the Future! Seven things? Thirteen things? TWENTY-SEVEN THINGS I DID NOT KNOW?

A tiny sitcom actor gets sent back in time by another sitcom actor to try to (not) fuck his mother, who is also played by a sitcom actor. A legendarily shitty car with cool doors is involved. Let’s stop treating it like it was The Godfather.


  1. WORD! Tell ‘Em, Steve Dave.

    • Delorean borrowed a few design elements for his car from the Canadian Bricklin sports car. So feel free to blame Canada for that piece of shite.

  2. You’re a car nerd, TotD.

  3. You know what other movie that’s in the news today is overrated as fuck?

    The Big Lebowski.


  4. Thank you, I didn’t care for it much the first time around (as an adolescent) and I never got it when I tried to watch it years later to see what everyone seemed to love about it.

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