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Best Dylan Cover?

Leave your choice in the Comment Section. Okay, goofy goobers: go!



  1. The answer is always…

  2. Yes, and also his “HRGF.” Nothing LR did was short of killer brilliant.

  3. Patti Smith – Changing of the Guards

    May not be the best, but one of my favs

  4. My faves: Neville Brothers, With God on our Side; GD, When I Paint my Masterpiece; Garcia Band, Positively Fourth Street; George Harrison, If not for You; Johnny Cash, Wanted Man; Byrds, Mr Tambourine Man.

  5. Dick Scratcher

    June 14, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    Jimis watchtower is obvious

    Manfred Manns Earth Bands
    Father of Day is killer

    • ‘ Solar fire’ by mm and the earth band is a great album and I agree a fantastic interpretation of that song.years ago I saw the drummer from that album was playing with ac/dc of all people at some huge stadium show.

  6. Mild-Mannered Enthusiast

    June 14, 2019 at 11:16 pm

    Adele covering Dylan might not be the best but it’s a lot better than you’d expect…–Ng

  7. Dead/Bobby crushing Desolation Row

  8. “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” as performed by Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia and the Late Night with David Letterman Band.

    “Mr. Tambourine Man” as performed by Kelly Joe Phelps.

    Neil Young “Blowin’ in the Wind,” which I saw him play on the ARC tour just as the first Gulf War was starting.

  9. I am just gonna throw Joan Baez and Bryan Ferry out there, for each taking an interesting approach.

    I see my light come shining, by the Band is right up there.

  10. Doc & Merle doing Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright:

  11. Didn’t some one nail “Idiot Wind” ?

    Like Chrissie Hynde, or some indy woman band?

  12. It’s already been said with Hendrix’s version of All Along the Watchtower. He did that version after hearing the song a couple of times and then going to Olympic to cut some impromptu basic tracks that became the eventual finished take. He made it far better than the original which is the measure of a great cover.

    My second choice would be The 13th Floor Elevators doing It’s All Over Now Baby Blue RIP Roky

    The absurdist that lies deep in my soul would have to go with Sebastian Cabot’s Who Killed Davey Moore. His version of It Ain’t Me Babe is also pretty stellar, but his reading of Who Killed Davey Moore kind of rules.

  13. Either Solas covering “Dignity” or the 13th Floor Elevators covering “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.”

  14. Dylan always loved Elvis and was overjoyed to hear him sing one of his songs.

  15. Senor JGB. Jerry haunts me. Said son this ain’t no dream this time, it’s the real thing.

  16. The Staple Singers – A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (1968)

    Bryan Ferry’s version is OK too. But not *this* OK.

  17. Eddie Vedder & Mike McCreary of Pearl Jam did an amazing, acoustic Masters of War that at least equals the snarl of Bobby Zimmerman’s original. Haunting.

  18. Eddie Vender & Mike McCreary of Pearl Jam killed it in ’92 at the 30th anniversary Bob Dylan celebration with an acoustic version of Masters of War. With at least as much snarl as Bobby Zimmerman’s original. Haunting.

  19. Dylan : elegiac.
    Bonnie Bramlett, queen of southern soul:
    Yeah, it’s Marshall Crenshaw — so sue me:

  20. Too many good ones to choose from…here’s my favorites:

    Sufjan – Ring Them Bells:

    Nickel Creek – Tomorrow is a Long Time:

    JGB – any of the four Dylan songs off of the self-titled live album…they’re each equal parts stupendous

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