Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Bill Graham vs. Billy Graham

Walked across Europe to get away from the Nazis.
Would walk across hot coals to suck the dick of the most powerful man in the room.

Chose his own name out of the phone book punk-rock style.
Took the name his parents gave him like a weakling.

Helped introduce the world to the Grateful Dead.
Advocated dropping nukes on Vietnam.

Really, really, really not Jewish. Like, aggressively so.

What do I care if someone’s a fageleh? Luzzem fucking geyn, everyone should be happy. What does it bother me? WHERE ARE MY LIGHTS?
Homos go to hell. 

Presented jazz, pop, rock, metal, funk, blues, soul, gospel, and whatever else would draw a crowd.
Really only talked about one thing.

Appeared in Apocalypse Now.
Did not appear in Apocalypse Now.

Took out full-page ad in the New York Times protesting Reagan laying a wreath on a Nazi soldier’s grave, received death threats and someone blew up his office.
Took out a full-page ad in 14 North Carolina newspapers protesting the passage of same-sex marriage, received donations and an invitation to the White House.



  1. Luther Von Baconson

    tore a strip off Boz Scaggs
    sold some CDs on the TeeVee with Ricky Skaggs

  2. Cirze

    Loved it!

    Love Bill’s work/life.

    Rock on.

    Billy go away.

    Oh yeah!

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